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10 Amazing Car Beds in 2019

In these days, Parents can find different furniture and decor elements for a children room concepts. Between these concepts, the amazing items are definitly car shaped kids beds. They are excellent products for little kids who dream to become a racer, a police officer, a fireman. You cand these beds that shaped racing car, jeeps, police cars, pirate or sailer beds. Also there are some cool beds for girls room too, Most of them look like carriages in pink or White color. All those beds make your son or daughter happy that also help to sleep own his/her beds alone. They are not scare to be alone on their rooms. Also these kids furniture concepts with bright colors makes your child room like a playroom.

see these products which favorite in 2019 kids bedding concepts;

     BMW CAR BED – shaped racing bed with opening doors and leather seats is really cool car for sons who dream to drive on his dad’s car 😊 with remote controller child can control sounds and headlights at the same time. Now he has his own car on his room!

   Princess carriage – Your princess daughter deserves to be a princess in her room! Nice shaped girls bed looks very fantastic with pink color and mosquito net. This bed also has castle dresser, Let’s make your daughter happy with this bed. Do not forget; Her father is only HERO for her age now.

Pirate theme ship bed – Adventure never ends with this bed! Your son is ready to be captain. Let’s give him a “Black Pirate Bed” to see your little pirate on your house. 😊
With this bed, you can find very cool accessories for pirate kids room such as carpets, wallpapers and flags.

FERRARI CAR BED – amazing Ferrari shaped bed for kids! This model is different from other beds with side headlights. Cool looking!

     Police Car bed – Really cool police theme kids bedding. This car kinght rider, engine, speed sounds on it.

     Jeep Car bed – Let’s make offroad with your son! More advantures in rooms! Especially orange color looks very nice with this bed! Alternatively you can choose White as well.

     Volkswagen car bed – Beetle bed for girls. Nice theme, Nice design with this pink color. Any child does not want to get up her bed 😊

carriage bed

     Lamborghini Car bed – This bed looks great with L.E.D lights on wheels and spoiler.

     Audi Car Bed – V8 theme has a big black spoiler behind the car. Additionally, this car has a small UBS plug and speaker for listen to music.

audi car bed
 Soccer bed – Who wants to play soccer in the room 😊 This is the bed for soccer fans.

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